Konferenz „Diplomacy and Global Governance“, Genf am 4. Oktober 2013

Die Edition „Diplomatische Dokumente der Schweiz“ hat ein Symposium zum Thema „Diplomacy and Global Governance“ angekündigt:

The international symposium «Diplomacy and Global Governance» aims to discuss the intersections between national and international interests in the process of negotiating international standards and rules. The primary focus of the symposium will be on the way international
organizations and conferences have defined these  standards, the role of governmental and non-governmental players in this process and the way different states have handled these globally defined rules. To approach these questions in an innovative way, a body comprising leading scholars from universities as well as researchers from participating editing projects of diplomatic documents will be convened. With 29 delegations from various countries all over the world and representing the main editing projects of diplomatic documents, participants will build a multifaceted and unique pool of historical and historiographical knowledge.

Das Symposium wird stattfinden am 4. Oktober 2013 im United Nations Office at Geneva, Palais desNations, 8-14 avenue de la Paix, Geneva

Siehe die Konferenzseite.

Das Programm:

10.00 – Symposium opening (Room XII)
Sacha Zala (Director, Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland)

Benedikt Hauser (Head, Education Strategy and Cooperation, State
Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation)

10.30 – The Development of Global Governance
Matthias Schulz (University of Geneva): Of Concerts, Transnational
Movements, and International Bureaus: Origins and Trajectories of
International Governance in the 19th Century

Madeleine Herren (University of Basle): The League of Nations or How to
Hide the Effects of Global Governance

Sacha Zala (Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland): Switzerland Facing
Global Governance

12.30 – Lunch break
With the opportunity to visit the League of Nations Museum

14.30 – Global Governance and the United Nations System
Sandrine Kott (Université de Genève): L’OIT: expertises nationales et
normes sociales internationales

Adam Howard (Foreign Relations of the United States): Diplomacy and
Discord: The United States, the United Nations, and the Arab-Israeli
Dispute, 1947-1976

Maurice Vai?sse (Documents Diplomatiques Franc?ais): La France et la
gouvernance globale: le rôle du représentant français au Conseil de
sécurité (1970-1972)

16.30 – End of the Symposium